Blueberry Pancakes on the Blackstone Griddle (Recipe!)


Blueberry pancakes fresh off the Blackstone Griddle
I made bigger pancakes than I intended with this big ol’ batch, so the recipe for this stack is a big one.

— 3 cups of flour
— 6 tablespoons of sugar (you can use less if you want them to be less sweet)
— 5 teaspoons of baking powder
— 3 teaspoons of salt (I used kosher salt)
— 3 eggs
— 3 cups of milk
— 6 tablespoons of oil

Whisk it together into a nice mix. Don’t overmix.

That is supposed to make 12 ‘normal’ sized pancakes, but I made about seven or eight big ones instead (my mistake). They were still excellent. For a smaller batch:

— 1 cup of flour
— 2 tablespoons of sugar
— 2 teaspoons of baking powder
— 1 teaspoon of salt
— 1 egg
— 1 cup of milk
— 2 tablespoons of oil

I bought a 18 oz. package of fresh blueberries from the produce section from my local grocery store, Food Lion, and used about 90-95% of them in the big batch. Hey, I wanted them to be extra berry-licious.

Blueberry pancakes cooking away on the Blackstone Griddle

Basic instructions
— Using the 36″ Blackstone Griddle, I set three of my burners to medium and added a thin coat of olive oil to the flat top cooking surface once the griddle was heated up.
— I added my pancake batter using a basic blue bowl that has a little spout for pouring. Blackstone Products sells a breakfast kit that features a batter dispenser that holds four cups of batter, but I do not own it (yet), so I can’t add any kind of personal testimonial here. I made pancakes that were probably too darn big, but again, they were still scrumptious.
— After adding the batter onto the griddle, shaping them into big pancakes, I topped them with blueberries. It would have probably been better had I added the blueberries into the batter mix, but everything still worked out just fine.
— After flipping the pancakes following a few minutes, a little bit of my blueberries fell out along with some batter, but that was OK, because they cooked up and I topped the finished pancakes with them.
— After another minute or so, you’ll be good to go!

Enjoy with your favorite syrup or whatever topping(s) you’d like. I used the Wondershop-at-Target Vermont Maple Syrup Infused With Habanero, which is delicious!

Vermont Maple Syrup Infused With Habanero

In August, it will be two years since I bought my 36″ Blackstone Griddle, and this is only the second time I’ve ever made pancakes using it! I love breakfast foods, but I’m simply not hungry in the mornings so I don’t eat them extremely often.

This is a simple recipe you can make using your Blackstone, or in a cooking pan. Let me know if you try it and whether or not you enjoy!

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