I’m Troy. I developed a passion for cooking about six years ago when I started to actually cook my own meals and delve into the science of making something edible. Cooking inside the house inevitably led to the experience of going outside to get the job done on grills and smokers. I’d like to believe that I have a wealth of experience at this point, but who am I kidding? If you are jumping into any endeavor in life, you are a perennial student, because you can never stop absorbing information.

While the title of this blog directly states ‘BBQ’, I plan on posting a barrage of cooks and topics related to culinary dealings in general and occasionally health & fitness.

There is something primal about cooking meat over an open fire or smoking it inside a closed system.

Cooking has become my biggest passion in life. As much as I love to eat, my enjoyment of cooking goes beyond that, as I prefer to see the smiling faces of those who enjoy my food eating it more than anything. That’s what makes it worth it, in my eyes.