About Grizzly Troy

Recipe creator, caffeine fiend, bold flavor lover, wannabe pitmaster. Smoked bologna is my third favorite barbecue delicacy, but I’m only full of bologna half the time.

Brisket bend test

Hey there, I’m Troy.

Or Grizzly Troy, as some call me.

In 2012, I developed a passion for cooking when I started to actually cook full-fledged meals and delve into the science of making something edible. Prior to this journey, I barely knew how to operate a microwave. Cooking inside the house inevitably led to the avid endeavors of going outside to get the job done on grills and smokers.

I’d like to believe that I have a wealth of experience at this point, but who am I kidding? If you are jumping into any endeavor in life, you are a perennial student, because you can never stop absorbing information. I started grilling with one of those little 17.5″ Expert Grills charcoal grills and barbecuing with a passed-down offset vertical Brinkmann Trailmaster.

While the title of this site includes ‘BBQ’ in the name, I post a variety of cooks and topics related to culinary dealings and food in general. From barbecue to grilling to griddling to cooking indoors.

Cooking has become my biggest passion in life. When I’m throwing down some grub outdoors, there is something primal about cooking meat over an open fire or smoking it inside of a closed system.

I cater! If you are in the southwest Virginia area, contact me at the email address under the first two photos to the left above for inquiries or more information.

BBQ Specialties

Pulled pork



Side dishes (jalapeno poppers, smoked mac and cheese, baked beans, etc.)

Hot Off The Griddle

Fried rice




Cheese Steaks

Bacon-fried corn

About Grizzly BBQ

Hangin’ and slangin’ meat since 2017
Technically, I have been barbecuing since December 2016, but who’s counting? 2017 is the year I honed my barbecuing prowess and began working hard to make the best ‘Q I could possibly create.

It Is All About The Love of the Grub

Sharing the love of the grub — that is a mindset that I live by. I can’t remember the last time I cooked a meal only for myself. In fact, if I only had to rely on myself to, well, cook for myself, I think I would be spending a lot my time cooking fried bologna sandwiches and frozen dinners in the microwave and oven. The fact is, I love feeding people. Watching people enjoy the food from the recipes I create is a personal joy, and that is why I cook.

Why ‘Grizzly’ Troy?

The ‘Grizzly’ Troy pseudonym can be described this way: I’m a big, hairy guy and my girlfriend calls me her ‘bear’. If you notice in the photos, I have salt’n’pepper hair, too. A secondary definition of ‘grizzly’ is ‘gray-haired’.

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