Is Barrel House Cooker Going Out of Business?

Major Update on 6/18/2019:
Great news, as Barrel House Cooker has updated the BHC users with this information:

Recently, Barrel House Cooker ran a sale for Memorial Day where its cookers’ accecessories were marked down 50%.

Barrel House Cooker 14D

Directly afterwards, they made a few accessories unavailable, such as the extender that fits at the bottom of the base for the 18C to allow meat to hang a little higher from hot coals at the bottom.

The other day, I learned that Grill Beast, who was a licensed carrier of Barrel House Cookers, stated that BHC ended its contract with them and they are no longer selling the cookers.

If the rumors are true that Barrel House Cooker Company is going out of business, it is a damn shame. I find it superior versus the competition, but its main competitor has such a high influence and following, its heraldedness reigns supreme over the lack of marketing that has been done lately by Barrel House.

If the company does fold, I will still use my Barrel House cookers until they falter, as I find them to be easily the best drum smokers in the game. If they ever deteriorate to the point they are unusable, I guess I will buy a Pit Barrel Cooker, although while I find them to be sound cookers I will feel like I’m downgrading due to its lack of features and useability compared to the Barrel House Cooker. I feel a semblance of resentment towards PBC over its legal issues with BHC, because while I refuse to comment on the contents of the legality matters, competition makes the world go round, and with the outcome possibly eliminating Barrel House in due time, that narrows the market.

This is all conjecture, however, but here’s to hoping Barrel House Cooker Company stays afloat.


6 Comments on “Is Barrel House Cooker Going Out of Business?

  1. I’ve noticed that both 14d and 18c bhvc are now unavailable. Danny shame. Luckily I own a 14d and pit barrel cooker.


    • Hey Bill, thanks for the comment! I appreciate it. I think they’ll be making a return shortly from what I’ve heard. Just a shortage of materials for the time being, unfortunately.


  2. I sure hope they don’t go under. Best smoker I have ever seen . I have 2 . If I would have known that they might go under I would have bought a couple more . Praying that they stay afloat. Loyal customer!!!!

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    • I agree with you, Gary. It’s a shame that the more highly heralded but weaker competitor (strictly my opinion, but it appears you share this belief) has almost barricaded themselves from any competition.


  3. The Barrel House Cooker Company got all of the airflow and design data from Noah Glanville after signing a non disclosure agreement. This was in preparation for the BHC parent to manufacture the PBC. At the 11th hour the company backed out and instead decided to build the cooker themselves. They turned a vacuum cleaner they already made into a cooker using the airflow and hanging design that Noah Glanville had patented. By the way, here’s your vacuum cleaner cooker:

    They told him straight up. “Take us to court, you don’t have the money to win.” Noah said hold my beer and won the case. Noah is a decorated veteran. He’s also a class guy. When he first started out he put his cell phone number right on the cooker.

    For all of these reasons, you couldn’t give me a Barrel House Cooker.


    • Cheers, Eric. Thanks for the comment.

      That there vacuum cleaner cooker is a mighty fine cooker, I reckon.

      I understand the moral reasons from an integrity standpoint.


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